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Top 5 Amazing JavaScript Courses [endorsed by JavaScript developers]

Hello guys, did you know JavaScript is the most popular language among developers for its widely available frameworks as well as flexibility with many platforms, if you are willing to learn JavaScript as well as enhance your coding skill then will find these 5 amazing courses are worth your time, effort and money

So without furthermore wait  Here are the top 5 JavaScript courses:

1. The Complete JavaScript Course 2020: Build Real Projects

top 5 amazing javascript course

Difficulty Level: Beginner


'The Complete JavaScript Course 2020: Build Real Projects' this course focuses on building real-life applications without using external JS Library/frameworks. this course is made for beginners to become intermediate level JS Developer.

Created by Jonas Schmedtmann, over 311K students have enrolled for the course with an average 4.6-star rating from over 72k reviews.

This JavaScript course available over 8 different languages, including French, German, Indonesian, Italian, and Japanese. the course contains 28-hours of on-demand video lectures with lifetime access

It also covers some advanced javaScript Topics like ES6, OOP (Object Oriented Programming), AJAX, WebPack 

Topics Covered 

  • basics of javascript
  • Working of javaScript
  • DOM Manipulation and JavaScript Events
  • Advanced Javascript functions and objects
  • Ecma Script 6 functions and methods
  • javascript promises and Async/Await 
  • NPM, Babel and Webpack

2. JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

javascript courses

Difficulty Level: Beginner


'JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts' course is meant to the people who want to sharpen their Javascript skills, cause this course is focused on a deep understanding of Javascript

Course created by Anthony Alicea, with 11.5 Hours of OnDemand video lectures and   7 articles included as well, the course also offers lifetime access 

Over 144k learners are enrolled with an average  4.7-star rating from over 37k reviews 

This javascript course is also available in multiple languages, the main languages of the course is English rest of them are auto-generated 

It covers some advance topics like scoping, prototypes, creation of framework  

Topics Covered

  • Execution Context and lexical environment 
  • types of operators 
  • objects and Functions 
  • Object-Oriented JavaScript 
  • Building a javascript Framework/ library 
  • some bonus lectures


3. Modern JavaScript From The Beginning

amazing javascript courses

Difficulty Level: Beginner


'Modern JavaScript From The Beginning' is one of the awesome course if you are an absolute beginner in the world of javaScript

Course is Completely based on Pure Javascript no frameworks or libraries used in the whole course 

You'll learn to build real-world projects without Using external JavaScript Library/ FrameWork

Course is Created by Brad Traversy (Youtube Channel) with 21.5 Hours of OnDemand Video, 2 articles  and 111 Downloadable resources 

60,496 students enrolled in this course with an average rating of  4.7-star from over 18,146 reviews

Topics Covered

  • basics of javascript
  • DOM Manipulation and Events
  • DOM-based Projects
  • OOP Concepts of javaScript
  • Async JavaScript, AJAX, and Fetch API
  • API-Based Projects
  • Error handling and Regular Expressions 


4. The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp

javascript courses 2020

Difficulty level: Beginner 


'The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp' course is mainly targeted towards extremely newbie Developers 

Course contains all the 155 OnDemand video lectures, and 128 Downloadable Resources with a lifetime access 

This course covers all the topics from basics to advanced level, and also includes real-world implementation of javascript

Even this course includes how to deploy your javaScript Application to Web 

Over 80 Coding Challenges included to enhance the coding skill

Course created by Andrew Mead, over 34,092 students enrolled in this course with an average 4.7-rating from over 8,443 reviews 

Topics Covered

  • Basic Environment Setup
  • JavaScript basics and flow control
  • JavaScript Functions
  • JavaScript Objects and Array
  • Data Storage, Libraries and FrameWorks
  • Async JavaScript
  • JavaScript Babel and web-pack


5. JavaScript - The Complete Guide 2020 (Beginner + Advanced)

top 5 javascript courses

Difficulty level: Beginner 


'JavaScript - The Complete Guide 2020 (Beginner + Advanced)' course covers all the topic from scratch to advanced 

Moreover, this course focuses on the basics of JavaScript which is a very good opportunity for newbie Developers to start

Course contains 52 hours of OnDemand Video lectures, 74 articles with 696 Downloadable Resources 

Course created Maximilian Schwarzmüller (Youtube Channel), over 37,633 students are enrolled in course 

This course have an average 4.6-star rating with over 6,273 reviews 

You'll also get the glimpse of the Node.js in this course 

You can check the quality of work by visiting his official channel Academind on Youtube 

Topics Covered 

  • introduction to JavaScript
  • Basics of JavaScript (variables, data types, etc)
  • Efficient Development & Debugging
  • Working with control Structure
  • Working with DOM Elements
  • javascript Objects and Arrays 
  • classes and OOP Concept
  • JavaScript Async, Promises and callback
  • working with HTTP Requests 
  • Node.js Introduction
  • Deploying JavaScript code
  • introduction Testing
  • performance and Optimization
  • Introduction to typeScript


Ready to become PRO developer in the world of JavaScript?

With the courses mentioned above, you’re already well on your way there.

What course do you plan on enrolling? Do you have other suggestions, feedback, or resources that can help others find the best JavaScript courses?

Leave your comments below and let’s discuss!

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