Nodejs Express – unit testing & integration tests with Jest

Nodejs Express – unit testing & integration tests with Jest

Find out how to compose a complete CRUD REST API using Nodejs, Express and Jest with the test-driven advancement procedure!

Using TDD, you are able to feel more secure and safe that any modifications that you make aren’t breaking existing functionality in your own applications. Manual evaluations can’t be sustainable in massive programs, or even moderate applications. Additionally, they are incredibly tedious.

You attempt to add performance whilst attempting to get the present code as small as possible, as you don’t wish to split things unintentionally. .

With TDD you will not hesitate to create huge refactors on your code to clean up cluttered code, you will learn quickly in case you’ve broken any present functionality!

I will show you step-by-step the way to make a REST API using Express using unit tests and integration tests employing the Jest test frame. There is likely to be plenty of chances that you work by yourself and perform some exercises too for optimum learning!

In case you have any queries or ideas to the program, don’t hesitate to message me anytime, I really like interacting with my students!

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