Learn JavaScript: Full-Stack from Scratch discudemy

Learn JavaScript: Full-Stack from Scratch discudemy

Learn the incredibly popular and in demand JavaScript language. This course makes no assumptions of prior computer programming experience. We begin with the very basics and slowly but surely work our way up to writing JavaScript code to power every aspect of an application.

There are countless JavaScript courses in the world; here’s what makes this one unique:

  • A strong emphasis on the why  and not just the how
  • As few assumptions as possible; it’s a pet peeve of mine when instructors assume I know something I don’t
  • As few just download my existing project to get you up and running moments as possible. It’s another pet peeve of mine when instructors have you use an existing solution that just automagically works and you miss a potential learning experience of setting it up yourself.  We do copy-and-paste HTML templates (since the focus of the course is not about HTML) but aside from that, I explain things from the ground up.

Here’s what we’ll learn in the course:

  • The JavaScript language itself
  • The Web Browser Environment
  • The Node.js environment
  • The MongoDB environment
  • The Express framework for creating servers
  • User registration & user-generated content
  • Authentication (both stateful with sessions and stateless with JSON Web Tokens)

To acquire a better sense for the program.

This class might be new, but that is not my first time instruction. I have led training sessions for Fortune 500 firms and I have helped over 65,000 individuals on Udemy and obtained the following comments:

Brad certainly has some of the greatest techniques to incorporate the lesson in your mind… palms down these would be the very best tutorials I’ve had the chance to view.

The presentation is concise with no boring… you honestly believe you get a comprehensive comprehension of the subject.

Not memorize that or this, he clarified the procedure. If you are trying to have a course to comprehend the foundations of producing sites, look no more.

Become exceptionally valuable and applicable to the businesses that are hiring JavaScript programmers; in a single handy location alongside a single teacher. If you are ready to start coding your applications from the bottom up – I will see you around the inside!

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